Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery

In this episode we discuss applying Osteopathic practices and principles to surgery with Dr. Boesler DO.  We discuss the usefulness of applying osteopathic practices and principles in a surgical setting.  We offer anecdotal accounts and information from clinical research to support the effectiveness of applying and understanding Osteopathy’s effect in the surgical field.

Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery Podcast

Below are some cited resources:

Jarski RW et al. The effectiveness of osteopathic manipulation treatment as complementary therapy following surgery: a prospective, match-controlled outcome study. September 2000 77-81

O-Yurvati, A. et al. Hemodynamic Effects of Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment Immediately After Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery. J Am Osteopath Assoc. October 2005 10:105

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Sleszynski & Kelso. Comparison of thoracic manipulation with incentive spirometry in preventing postoperative atelectasis. J Am Osteopath Assoc. August 1, 1993 93:834

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