Osteopathic Approach for Palliative and Hospice Care

Rob Kawa talks palliative care in this podcast.  This is a great talk going over lots of Osteopathic principles as well as techniques.  This should also help those out there with a COMLEX exam coming up.  Enjoy!

OMT In Hospice and Palliative Care PDF

The next step

I would like to announce that Nicholas Camposeo, Randal Davis, Roberty Kawa, Tara Nowakhtar, Meighan O’Connor and Brandon Parker have completed our predoctoral fellowship in Osteopathic Practices and Principles.  We will all be starting our 3rd year rotations in the next few days.  DidacticsOnline’s format and schedule may change slightly in the upcoming months but will not stop posting didactic discussions.  DidacticsOnline continues to strive to provide an Osteopathic voice in medical discussion.  I hope to have regular posts on various topics throughout the year and continue to welcome any questions or comments on how to improve the content.

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DidacticsOnline OPP COMLEX review with Dr. Boesler

Join DidacticsOnline LIVE on Monday, June 11 at 7 PM for a fully interactive live review for the COMLEX. We will be answering questions on all OPP topics for the COMLEX with the help of Dr. Boesler.

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Treatment for acute LBP in active military personnel; a journal review

Brandon Masi Parker provides a journal review for the article A randomized, controlled trial of osteopathic manipulative treatment for acute low back pain in active duty military personnel, by

des Anges Cruser, Couglad Maurer, Kendi Hensel, Sarah K Brown, Kathryn White, Scott T Stoll in the Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy,  Volume 20, Number 1, 2012 , pp. 5-15(11).

This article is a crucial randomized and controlled study analyzing the effectiveness of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) for acute low back pain (LBP) in active military personnel.  The article analyzes pain, functionality and a few other parameters.  I make the assertion that this unique subset of population may provide a model for other LBP patients that have physically demanding lifestyles with limited possibility for rest.

OMT for acute LBP in military personnel; journal review podcast

Prostate Disease

Randal Davis discusses prostate disease pathology, clinical presentation and management.  There is also a discussion on Osteopathic approach to patients with prostate disease.

Prostate Disease podcast

Back Pain Etiologies and Pathophysiology interview with Dr. Fossum

We interview Dr. Christian Fossum DO of Norway on several topics relating to back pain.  We cover etiologies, pathophysiolgies, osteopathic treatments as well as an intervational take on Osteopathy.

Back pain interview with Dr Fossum

Clinical Approach to Muscle Function interview with Dr. Danto

We interview Dr. Jay Danto DO while at the American Academy of Osteopathy Convocation on several topics relating to muscle function.  We touch on muscle firing pattern, approach to a patient with musculoskeletal pain, acupuncture and more.

Interview with Dr. Danto on Muscle Function