Quick Pimps: Criteria and Rules Quick Reference Sheet

I am working on a few podcasts but in the meantime I thought I’d share a new sheet that is helping me during my Internal Medicine rotation.  It is a work in progress so let me know about any corrections or additions you can think of.

Criteria and Rules Sheet

criteria and rules

2 Comments on “Quick Pimps: Criteria and Rules Quick Reference Sheet”

  1. ncamposeo says:

    awesome, nice job man!

  2. Neva McFeely says:

    Robbbbbbbb!! Loving your website. You are probably one of the coolest persons I’ve ever met!! Seriously, this is awesome. I am so proud of you! Will keep looking and learning from this site. Thanks for what you do.

    Your friendly NP from MHP
    (Memorial Hosp Pembroke),

    Nev’s 🙂

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