Brandon Masi Parker

Brandon Masi Parker CV

  • Founded DidacticsOnline
  • BS in Psychology from Tulane University
  • Pre-doctoral fellowship in Osteopathic Practices and Principles
  • Interested in Emergency Medicine with specific interests in trauma, critical care, resuscitation medicine and academics.

I am a medical student from Plantation, FL.  I went to Nova Southeastern University from pre-K through highschool before spending 3 1/2 years in New Orleans at Tulane (thanks Katrina for stealing that 1/2 year) and ultimately found myself back in South Florida where I am currently at Nova Southeastern University in the College of Osteopathic Medicine.

I have always known I wanted to be a physician and never had any other plan.  I have had several interests through my studies including Orthopedic Surgery, Trauma Surgery, and Emergency Medicine.  My medical interests have always been focused on a hands-on approach to treatment.  I enjoy seeing the results of my work in an acute timeframe and managing critically ill patients.  My hands-on philosophy led me to an interest in Osteopathic practices and principles and ultimately led me to pursue the pre-doctoral fellowship offered at NSU.  With all my interests I decided that ultimately I would like to care for critically ill patients (both medical and trauma) in both the acute and subacute setting.  This “perfect scenario” seems to exist in the field of Emergency Medicine Critical Care, which I am interested in pursuing.

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